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Tuesday 2 December 2014

Custom Dog Houses in the Chippewa Valley
We Build Custom Dog Houses in the Chippewa Valley

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Dog Houses in the Chippewa Valley

With the snowy, frigid winters we experience in Wisconsin, it’s imperative for your outdoor as well as your indoor dogs to have a warm home. Haldeman Builders can help fulfill that need for caring dog owners and their furry friends.

Your dog's new digs can be as simple as you desire, or as elaborate as a miniature replica of your home – whichever you and your builder decide on.

Remember also that outdoor dogs burn more calories during the winter, so they will require additional food.  Even if your new dog's house is insulated and/or heated, you should provide your dog with a warm bed that keeps them off the cold ground.

Winter came upon us quickly this year, so if your outdoor dog needs a warm home, just give us a call.