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home construction and remodeling in Fall Creek, WI

home construction and remodeling in Fall Creek, WI


Haldeman Builders has provided excellent service in the general construction industry throughout western Wisconsin for over eighteen years. We understand that your construction project is more than just materials – it’s your home. We pride ourselves on building your home and your future. Our commitment to craftsmanship, budget-controlled pricing and on-time delivery ensures a quality construction project as well as a satisfied home owner.


Haldeman Builders has completed a wide range of projects over the years. We have consistently found creative solutions for every building challenge, offering everything from site analysis to design and budget consulting.


We know that close coordination among design and construction team members is essential. At Haldeman Builders, we carefully review and select qualified subcontractors ensuring a successful and cost-effective project. Our project management and supervisory staff focus on efficient and timely completion with the highest degree of craftsmanship.


Coordination of the design and construction teams and defining their specific obligations to your project is paramount. The design-build delivery method does just that by spanning all phases of construction. Your project is “value engineered” throughout the entire process – from the initial design concept and preliminary budgeting through all phases of construction to final occupancy. The design-build approach means tighter schedules, a competitive, cost-efficient facility, and a fully-informed home owner throughout the entire construction and development process.


Quality control is vital to the success of every building project. Our total project management approach includes detailed construction documentation and cost verification. This streamlines the entire design-build process and ensures a professionally constructed project with a realistic completion schedule. Haldeman Builders keeps you informed with timely progress reports. This single-source accountability guarantees owner satisfaction.


We don’t just build projects, we develop long-standing relationships. Time and again, our expertise and proven design-build approach have helped our clients achieve their construction related goals. No matter the size, every project is given our full and complete attention. You can trust Haldeman Builders because we stand behind what we build. Your home and your future deserve nothing less.